Managed Hosting Vs. Unmanaged Hosting

Managed hosting and Unmanaged Hosting – We are sure that you’re familiar with both these terms if you have ever thought about purchasing a Virtual Private Server as a part of upgrading web hosting of your website or blog! Along with a number of confusions that arise during the selection process, these two words are quite confusing we guess, especially for those who lack deep technical knowledge about web servers and their types. Apart from VPS, this type of classification can be seen in the case of some dedicated web servers as well. However, in this post, we will discuss noticeable differences between Managed Hosting & Unmanaged Hosting as well as advantages and disadvantages of both. First, we will compare both managed and unmanaged hosting through some prominent aspects.

Requirement of Technical Knowledge

There is no doubt on the fact that technical knowledge is a requirement when it comes to managing VPSs and others among web hosting services. However, requirement of technical knowledge is different in managed and unmanaged hosting. The first option does not need you to be an expert in server management and its sections, as one team from your web-hosting provider will be there to manage your VPS or dedicated server. Although the full list may be quite long, main responsibilities of team include server configuration, maintenance, security, sufficient upgrades, firewall services, backup services etc. In other words, once you have purchased managed web server, you do not have to be concerned about managing the technical aspect of your server. So, when you want to manage your website, you can log into the control panel and do things as you do in shared web servers.

Nevertheless, unmanaged web hosting is quite opposite in this aspect! Things that come with an unmanaged VPS are the physical server itself and initial installation procedure. This also means that you will have to do everything else except these. The list of tasks includes software upgrades, security, frequent maintenance, etc. Thus, an unmanaged VPS needs you to be an expert in terms of server management, in its all aspects. So, we would say that you should go for managed hosting if you want to skip hassles of server management.

How Much You Can Control

Despite the fact that most people upgrade to virtual private servers and dedicated servers to avail customizability in its various aspects, level of control is different in managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. Although you get root access in managed hosting, complete control is available for your web host only. On the other hand, you can customize your unmanaged web server to suit your convenience and requirement in every possible way. Thus, in terms of flexibility and level of server control, Unmanaged Hosting wins the race.


Indeed, pricing is a significant factor while choosing between managed hosting and unmanaged hosting! As you may have guessed, managed web servers cost more than unmanaged web server, as such, servers offer assistance as well as support. However, if you do not have enough technical knowledge about web servers, purchasing an unmanaged web server means purchase of a team that is capable of maintaining the server in its optimum functional condition.

Security of Server

When it comes to the case of security of web server, managed VPS grabs the first price, because the team behind the web host will be more than enough to keep your server and websites secure from almost every possible threat. But, unmanaged server cannot, even if you have hired an effective team for maintenance, guarantee that much security. So, when you want to be less concerned about security section of your web server, you should choose managed VPS with no doubt.

Our Verdict

While considering abovementioned points, managed hosting is a good option for those who know less details about managing a server and wants to be site oriented! However, in case of flexibility and level of control, we will have to prefer unmanaged servers.


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