Do you want to enjoy free 3G feature on your iPad?

Apple has sent out invitations to the San Francisco launch of its new iPad 3 this week. The device will be unveiled on March 7 at a special event in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. In India, people mostly prefer to buy iPad with both Wi-Fi and 3G features because they can hardly find the Wi-Fi signal. But for the extra feature, we have to pay an extra amount. I have an iPad with only Wi-Fi feature but I am accessing the 3G feature as well without having to pay for it. Isn’t it great to save some money?

Regarding the price difference, a 16GB iPad 2 with only Wi-Fi feature will cost you US $ 499 and the same iPad with both Wi-Fi and 3G feature will cost you US $ 629. So the price difference is US $ 139, which is about 6240 Indian rupees.

You must be little excited to know how I am enjoying 3G on my iPad which has only Wi-Fi feature. .Let me share the techniques so that that you can use the 3G on your iPad, free of cost.

You will need the following hardware and software for this purpose.


1. Mobile Phone with 3G feature (these days everyone has a mobile phone and most mobile phones come with inbuilt 3G feature)

2. 3G sim card


1. Wi-Fi HotSpot Software like JoikuSpot 2012 Edition (I am using JoikuSpot)

2. You can get both free version and premium version, only difference is that free version doesn’t provide security and encryption key.

3. here is the link to check whether your phone is compatible with the above software or not:

Follow these simple steps to get your JoikuSpot. First, select your phone model from the above link. Then, enter your billing information. After successful transaction, you will be able to download the installation file. You can easily transfer the installation file to your phone, install it, and start using JoikuSpot application which will appear in your phone menu under the Applications folder. The software is very cheap, so you dont need to worry about buying it.

In my case, I have Nokia E63 which has inbuilt 3G feature with prepaid Idea 3G simcard and I purchased JoikuSpot premium software with only 150 (Indian rupees). You can also get its free version which comes without the encryption key and the security. I installed the software in my mobile phone and made the signal encrypted to make it more secure.

So, you are all set to use the free 3G feature in your iPad. All I can say is technology is great, but the free technology is even greater

If you still have any doubts or questions kindly write to me: Tashi Samphel email id: or follow my blog at


2 Responses to “Do you want to enjoy free 3G feature on your iPad?”

  1. Oh! its really nice. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. is that 3G is without paying 3G recharge in phone? or you are teaching us how to make hot-spot from smart phone?

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