“Sadda Haq” Means “Our Right”

I knew it from the very beginning when I first saw the article in Times of India about the Censor board instruction to mute the word ‘China’ in Prashant Chaddha’s upcoming release Azaan.

As Chaddha said, “I was told that we are getting an A certificate because of the theme of the film. However, the strange thing was that they also asked us to mute the word China. We tried to reason it out with them but to no avail. Surprisingly, they have passed the word Pakistan but not China”

We Tibetans very much appreciate the work done by director Imitaz Ali for his support to the right of Tibetan people as described in the Title song of his film i.e. “Sadda Haq” means “Our Right”.

Today the whole world knows the truth that China has subjugated the Tibet by force, killing thousands of innocent people including monks, nuns and children and forced our beloved leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with a larger number of Tibetans to escape to India.

I don’t know why Indian Censor boards are so cautious about China. Why they are so afraid of China? I believe they are sensitive about Sino-India relation but that doesn’t mean India should follow whatever China demands and I think pleasing China will cost India a lot.

Recently on 5th November, at a function in New Delhi, the Chinese ambassador, Zhang Yan, told a Delhi journalist to “SHUT UP” when the newsman persisted his queries about the wrong map of India printed on the cover of the brochure of a private firm. I was really amazed that Chinese ambassador dares to rebuke that journalist in his own country, where freedom of expression prevails. So these things are very sensitive issue and India must learn lesson from those acts.

Former US president George W Bush on Tuesday delivered a blunt warning to Indians about the intentions of China in Times of India, newspaper with the heading “China’s No.1 target is the US, next is India”. So, I feel India should definitely be more proactive in it’s response to Chinese policies instead of always trying to appease China. otherwise India might face serious consequences in the future.


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