Read email and website in Tibetan Language in Nokia phone.

I’m a tech lover but i can’t afford expensive phone like iphone or blackberry. So I’m simply using Nokia E63 to check my mail and browse websites through Opera mini browser. But Nokia doesn’t support Tibetan font, due to that reason we can’t read the Tibetan language website in Nokia phone. so here i would like to share an idea that we can read tibetan language website in Nokia phone us…ing Opera mini browser, using the following steps:
1. First Download and Install the Opera mini browser in your Nokia phone.
2. Type ‘opera:config’ in the address bar without http or www.
3. Select ‘Yes’ for use bit map fonts for complex script.

4. After that you can read Tibetan language website and email in Tibetan there. And you don’t need to buy iphone for that specific purpose.
5. Hope you like it.


4 Responses to “Read email and website in Tibetan Language in Nokia phone.”

  1. thanks a lot
    many people appreciated about this, thanks a lot….

  2. khengen Says:

    thank you very much for this kindly help.this is very useful

  3. hi.. i want a tibetan font in my pc so how can i get it…. plz give me some links….

    • Hi! you mean tibetan unicode fonts or ttf (truetypefont) fonts? If you want tcrc unicode font as well as keyboard, go to “” (Central Tibetan Administration’s Tibetan website) scroll down until you see at the right of the screen some icons with tibetan flag. here you can either download TCRC Bodying (ttf) or TCRC unicode setup files. Download your choice and intstall. thats all! If you want tibetan unicode font go to “” All these are FREE. So enjoy!

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