Google plus “Google+”

We are all familiar with Facebook, the social network service, and arguably the most popular website that one cannot resist. Facebook currently has more than 750 million users all over the world. Chatting on Facebook has become a popular pastime. Google, which many of us use for searching the internet as well as for email (Gmail), has been trying to compete with Facebook.

Launched about four months ago, Google Plus (, also known as Google+, is a new social network run by Google. In many ways it is similar to Facebook: You can update your status, share photos with friends, see updates from your friends, recommend items, etc. But there are also differences. One of the most important features in Google+ is “Circles”, which allows you to organize the people you know into different groups. For example, you can put your relatives in one circle, your colleagues in another, etc. When you share something, you can decide which circle to share it with. After all, there might be some photos which you’d like to share with your friends, but prefer your parents not see (and vice versa!). Google+ also has a terrific mobile app for the iPhone and Android phones. You can even do a press conference through Google+ here is best example (the world’s first video press conference via Google+ Hangouts).

How to register to Google+? You can currently join Google+ only by invitation from a member. If you’re interested, ask someone who’s already on Google+, or drop me an email.

Try it and know the difference. A common proverb within our friends – “don’t eat rice and dal always, sometime try chicken also”


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