The Karmapa coverage and the Indian Media: Is this the right Way?

We are living in the 21st Century and with the advancement of technology, it has changed into the “Age of Information”. In this age of information, one can receive or share information through different mediums even within a second. Yet, it is very crucial to provide the accurate information; every one has the responsibility in translating the right information. Nowadays, the media plays a crucial role in providing information but still has the significant responsibility to convey truthful information to the general public.

It’s the media that can lead people into action.

It’s the media that can change the nation.

It’s the media that can ruin the nation.


Therefore different nations implement different ways of monitoring the information, like in China major news would be allowed into the public eye only after careful vetting by senior officials but in India media are powerful enough that even governments are so awful of them. I personally support the free media system in the country but that doesn’t mean media to provide fake information or exaggerate things.

Indian news channel not only exaggerate things but create a whole bollywood scene out of news. International news channels, particularly European channels are more restricted; mainly due to the channels being responsible enough not to ignite viewers’ feelings and also local laws are very vigilant on the type of opinion that can be added to the fact.

This can be seen very clearly if one watches the same news across ZEENEWS/AAJTAK/NDTV/STAR/CNN/BBC. The best example I learned is from the recent news on the accusation of Karmapa’s connection with China. I think Indian Hindi media should do more research before over exaggerating the issue and they needs some moral obligations because sentiments of thousand of people are involved. The Indian media allegation on Karmapa is totally baseless. He is not allowed to travel freely anywhere and he even doesn’t have a real place to stay. So what is the harm in trying to build a monastery? He was just 17 when he escaped Tibet. And the Indian authorities are too fearful of Chinese that they are creating this false propaganda that Karmapa has Chinese connection. India media is blowing this news out of proportion without any patience or in-depth validity. I believe the recent Karmapa Issue is all due to financial mismanagement. He is young and has lots of other responsibilities such as enlightening himself first to impart Buddhist teachings and fulfil the dharma activities. He has lot of followers including Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. Tibetan from Tibet comes mostly secretly to seek Karmapa’s blessings and of course they offer him in Chinese Yuan, so what is the big deal and accusing him on that reason is totally baseless. He was under the strict Chinese restrictions in Tibet, so he escaped Tibet. Saying it as planned by the Chinese is totally ridiculous.

We people have to know just what we need to know and don’t get influenced by the exaggeration of News Channels. With all these news channels throwing all kinds of news in air every second, we are unnecessarily forced to watch things that doesn’t have any relevance in our life. Most of the Indian news channels add spices to glorify and make a mountain out of a mole. The truthful expression of the news is what the modern journalist should strive for rather than creating a fictional story out of news. I wish the typical Indian journalists can learn to be more morally aware and less irritating. After all they are not creating a bollywood movie but projecting real news.

Nevertheless, the truth will eventually prevail despite media’s repetitive fabrications.


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