Working for oneness is sure way to bliss

The entire universe and our body are made up five elements – air, water, fire, earth and ether. The elements provide us with all our understanding and use of them; to honour, respect and take utmost care of our planet – and this will be our greatest offering to God and the universe.

We pray to the earth as mother earth, but it has been exploited by mixing poisonous fertilisers in the land, which is affecting and injuring our health. There could also be many dangers in genetically modified food. There is an urgent need to turn to organic farming.

We have a tradition of honouring rivers – the water element. Today, no river is fit for drinking. We are pouring so much industrial waste, sewage and garbage into the rivers. The rivers don’t want you to offer flowers or fruits. This is not the way to worship. Worship means honouring and dumping waste into the rivers is no honour.

The Fire element symbolises knowledge. It also symbolises knowledge. It also symbolises desire. From the fire of desire, the element gets transformed into the fire of knowledge. And that is the whole aim or purpose of life. Then there is the air element. We need to have clean energy. We have to sustain this beautiful creation.

The space element is abstract. You cannot catch space. When you save your mind from negativity, you fill space with joy, fun, confidence and coherence. If we speak negatively about all mistakes, then there is nowhere on earth you can really survive. When we try to see perfection in others, then we forget to see our own imperfection.

Human life should have humility like water, and patience like the earth. Be pure like fire which purifies everything. Serve like air, which does service to everyone but stays unseen. Space is like the soul which is omnipresent. Have a feeling of oneness with all, which leads to the God within us.

(His Holiness Shri Shri Ravi Shankar)


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