China block blog-hosting services

Chinese Internet service providers removed postings about the document. A blog-hosting service, Bullog, home to several personal sites supportive of the charter, was shut down. A search in Chinese for the words Charter 08 on Google’s Chinese search engine now produces only a standard warning that “ according to local laws, regulations and policies, some results have not been displayed”. Dai Qing, a prominent author and signatory, says the charter is unlikely to galvanize the public now that many cannot find it online to read.

The Call for a boycott of the State broadcaster CCTV suggests some dissidents have not been deterred. Among the 22 people who signed the petition are seven, including its drafter, Ling Cangzhou, from Charter 08’ first group of signatories. The petition accuses CCTV of playing down reports about protests and other negative news. It mentions a CCTV report broadcast in September last year praising the quality controls on milk-powder production by Sanlu, a leading dairy company. Sanlu was revealed just a few days later to have been selling tainted baby formula that caused thousands of infants to fall sick.


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